Pedorthic Assessment

One question we get asked often around here is: "What can I expect from an assessment appointment with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist?". Heres a quick breakdown of what you can expect;

1. Detailed medical history about yourself and your current pain or concern. We may ask LOTS of questions, but they all help us determine the best treatment plan for YOU.

2. Footwear Assessment: We will take a look at the wear patterns of your current shoes (feel free to bring in a few!), and educate you on what to look for when shopping for shoes.

3. Range of Motion: We do some testing to see how your feet and legs move - if any joints are too flexible or too stiff it can affect the way you walk!

4. Gait Assessment: We get you on the catwalk and watch you walk. We take a video too and watch it back with you in slow motion to show you what's happening!

5. Treatment Plan: We connect all the dots and create a treatment plan. This can include any combination of the following; new shoes, custom orthotics, over the counter insoles, stretching exercises and Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy or Footcare referrals.

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